Not all coffees are created equal.

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Whether your cup of choice is a mocha or an espresso, every coffee is different – some can be  fat burning and some can be fat gaining – so it’s important to be aware of what you’re consuming.

It all starts with milk. 

Milk has more sugar than fat. Milk sugar is called lactose and too much lactose (even in a  piccolo, sorry team) can spike insulin levels and take us away from a fat-burning state and into a chaotic, fat-storing state. 

Here is another diagram to drill this point one more time.

If milky coffees are your thing, maybe try having a smaller size or changing up the style a bit. If you’re all about the lattes, maybe try a few piccolos instead and then once you’re used to those, transition to macchiatos and then to long blacks or espressos. 

By just replacing 3 of your lattes with long blacks, you can cut your weekly sugar intake by as much as 50%!

Caffeine is actually a great fat burning tool. As caffeine stimulates the nervous system, it actually signals our body to start burning and churning fat for fuel. Having said that, if there’s immediate sugar / blood glucose (ie milk!) in the system, the body will burn and churn that instead – taking you out of the natural fat burning state that most of us wake up in!

Click here for a great study on caffeine and fat loss during exercise.

So, turn your daily cuppa into a fat burning weapon, not a milkshake.

Yours in health and fitness,