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Tristan Forbes


Tristan has spent the last 9 years as a personal trainer, coach and business owner. In that time he has gained much knowledge and skill with helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. With over 350 transformations under his belt, he has adopted the power of both motivation and teaching. Total body awareness, enjoyment of life and achieving balance is Tristan’s upmost priority for himself and those around him.

As a level 2 Animal Flow coach, Tristan has a big focus on body weight mobility, movement and working on the body from ground up. Animal Flow focuses on the most basic foundations of how the human body moves and can then be scaled all the way up to incredible hand balancing locomotion exercises.

Tristan's main focus as a 1 on 1 trainer is helping people rehabilitate their body so they that can then integrate with semi-private personal training or progress to more specific performance goals such as martial arts, sports or body building.

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Josh Hartley


My name is Josh Hartley. I have always lived a fairly active lifestyle... however, I have been through so many of the struggles that a large majority of western civilisation face throughout our lifetimes in this technological era:

Addictions with binge eating, drinking, texting, sex, watching movies, marijuana, social media, relationships, shopping etc..
I have been the lazy couch potato barely moving for days..
I have allowed emotions and thoughts to run wild in my mind and cause bouts of depression, anxiety, stress etc. in multiple aspects of life..
I have experienced heartbreak, jealousy, attachment, obsession etc..
I have lived in a body that is riddled with pain, injuries, stiffness & lack of movement

I am here to help you understand that ANYTHING can be overcome! I used to believe I was stuck in those situations… until I was shown the prospect of a better life, that I could live the life I wanted and help other people. I am now living with more happiness, health & love than I have ever known before 🙂 it all came together with a few key ingredients..

1. Becoming aware of the current situation
2. Wanting to change the situation
3. Learning & Understanding how to change the situation
4. Then actually doing the work, Consistently, with Focus & proper Effort...

I am here to teach you how all of this plus the little steps in between can easily and effectively be implemented into your daily lifestyle in a way that is fun, enjoyable, interesting and sustainable.

I have played soccer and indoor futsal for a combined 18 years now, working in the fitness industry as a trainer for almost 5 years, and over the last few years hikes and outdoor adventuring have become a prominent part of my life 🙂 my approach towards health & fitness has become that of a holistic nature. My focus for myself and for others I teach is to not focus on how the body looks on the outside, instead, how your body feels on the inside, how well your body moves with its own weight, as well as what is happening in your mind and spirit. The connection of these 3 links in a positively balanced nature is what will bring about not only your healthiest self, but also your happiest, most loving self ❤️

If you are ready to change your life, I am ready to guide you onto that path 🙂

Change your forme with Josh

48 James Street
Fortitude Valley
QLD Australia 4006