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Strong Lower & Upper Body

Want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently? Strength training is the answer! Strength training is a quintessential component for improving health and fitness. Our Max Effort Sessions are designed to do just that. Work through the main compound lifts paired with fun and new accessory exercises to keep your training fresh each week. Our trainer’s meticulous approach to technique is to ensure everyone is performing the exercises perfectly and safely to get the most out of every session.

Dynamic Lower & Upper Body

With the boundless benefits of Strength Training, this dynamic class will activate your fast twitch muscle fibres and work them in a higher volume. Moving through this session at a faster pace will burn an incredible amount of calories and get you energised at the same time.

Hybrid Strength

Want to get strong and fix your posture at the same time? Our Focus in Hybrid Strength is to “Undo the Chair.” We have all been affected by prolonged sitting and phone use. These sessions will work on correcting your posture through strength, balance, mobility and flexibility exercises. This class is the accumulation of years of training and research put into an easy to follow training session!


Lets get Sweaty! This High Intensity Interval Training session isn’t like all the others. It won’t leave you sore and tired for days. We will tap into both your Anaerobic and Aerobic energy systems mixing cardio and metabolic complexes keeping your body in its toes! Our unique exercises and class layouts will always feel like you are doing a new class every week. It’s the perfect calorie burn and compliment to your strength training.


The ultimate stress reliever! Learn proper technique and train like a pro in our boxing class. This high-intensity session is a great cardio and calorie blast. With some Core added in just for fun!

Yoga bookings

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